Understanding Lower
Limb Development

The lower limbs play a crucial role in your child’s overall development. Proper lower limb development is essential for:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Running, jumping, and playing
  • Maintaining a healthy posture
  • Preventing injuries and pain
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Why a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a healthcare professional who specialises in diagnosing, treating, and preventing conditions that affect the feet and lower limbs. They are highly trained in assessing lower limb development in children and can find issues that may be affecting your child’s mobility and comfort.

Benefits of Seeing a Podiatrist for Your Child:

Early Intervention

Podiatrists can find potential issues early, which can help prevent more serious problems later in life.

Customised Treatment

Every child is unique, and a podiatrist can create a personalised treatment plan that addresses your child’s specific needs.

Expert Care

Podiatrists have specialised training and experience in lower limb development, ensuring your child receives the best care possible.

Holistic Approach

Podiatrists consider your child’s overall development, including factors such as posture, gait, and footwear, to provide comprehensive care.

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About our Podiatrists

At The Walking Clinic Podiatrists, our team is dedicated to providing expert care for children’s lower limb development. Our podiatrists have experience in paediatric podiatry and understand the unique needs of children. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure your child receives the best possible care.


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