Heloma molle (soft corn)

Dr Information

Summary – area of macerated tissue with central nucleus, usually located interdigitally between the 4th and 5th toes.
Literature – Commonly associated with older age, footwear with a toebox too tight to allow good toe movement.
Diagnostic tip – Odorous and frequently caused by patient having poor mobility to reach to wash and dry in between toes.
Testing or imagery – none required unless ulceration with suspicion of osteomyelitis.
Referrals – Podiatrist – can sharp debride macerated tissue, check for ulceration and advise about prevention and treatment.

Patient Information

Summary – Soft corn in between littlest toes.
How does this occur? – Friction from the bones of the toes, usually due to aging skin or shoes that are too tight at the toes.
How can this be helped? – The podiatrist can remove it, advise how to prevent it in the future and treat accordingly.
Who can help? – Your podiatrist