Dr Information

Summary – Lifting of the nail plate from the distal aspect. Can be caused by trauma, onychomycosis or underlying ulceration/infection.
Literature –
Diagnostic tip – Often part of the nail plate can be removed to prevent further trauma while the nail plate grows out.
Testing or imagery – Ensure mycosis is not present, can order nail scraping if total dystrophic infection. Otherwise conservative management is adequate.
Referrals – Refer to podiatrist to rule out mycosis, treat onycholysis and educate patient about preventing further trauma and nail care.

Patient Information

Summary – Lifting of the nail from the nail bed.
How does this occur? – Can be caused by direct trauma, fungal infection or underlying ulceration or infection.
How can this be helped? – The podiatrist can safely remove lifted nail and advise on how best to manage the nail while it grows out.
Who can help? – Podiatrist – nail management and shaping.