Dr Information

Summary – Hypertrophy of the nail plate producing hooked, curved, horn-like deformity. Can be due to trauma, infection, vascular abnormality.
Literature –
Diagnostic tip – Differentiate cause from mycosis by subungal hyperkeratosis. In onychogryphosis the nail remains attached to the nail bed.
Testing or imagery – None required.
Referrals – Refer to podiatrist for ongoing management.

Patient Information

Summary – Thickening of the nail plate resulting in a horn-like deformity, most common on the big toenails.
How does this occur? – Can occur from trauma, infection, or sometimes as a result of decreased blood flow.
How can this be helped? – Thickening can be reduced with your podiatrist who can also determine the underlying cause. Treatment of fungal nails can help if this is the underlying cause of the thickening.
Who can help? – Your podiatrist.