Our Clinics

Our focus is on the delivery of exceptional Podiatric care delivered with kindness and dignity.  We are a first choice provider of Podiatric Services in the Canberra region.  Our 4 clinics encompass the Canberra regional area and provide access in both North, inner North and the South side of Canberra.

Our team of experienced Podiatrists strive to provide the best innovative podiatric care for anyone with lower limb issues.  Our team aspires to make a positive impact in the community, show initiative in their work, concern for our patients and value customer service in our practice. 

The Walking clinic offers general footcare and health, including nail trimming, corn removal and callus debridement. Diabetes assessments including Doppler investigation, nerve response, blood flow, complication indicators. Sports injury prevention or rehabilitation mechanical assessments using the latest technology, video analysis and 3D scanning extending to Custom Orthotic Therapy.