Subungal haematoma

Dr Information

Summary – haematoma resulting from trauma to nail and nail bed.
Literature – most commonly from trauma – macro or micro.
Diagnostic tip – dark discolouration under the toenail, possible history of long or arduous walking or sport activity. In the longer term, the damaged nail can stop growing with the new healthy nail pushing it dorsally. The old nail may need to be debulked or removed completely at some point during the recovery. This can take 12+ months.
Testing or imagery – None required unless underlying infection or risk of osteomyelitis is suspected.
Referrals – Podiatrist for management of onychogryphosis.

Patient Information

Summary – Bruise under the toenail.
How does this occur? – Usually from trauma, this can be memorable like dropping something heavy on the foot, or can be insidious like walking downhill for a long period of time.
How can this be helped? – Preventing the trauma in the first place is important with well fitted shoes. Treatment can include releasing the pressure initially, or managing the nail as it grows out by smoothing it out while it grows.
Who can help? – Your podiatrist