How Custom Orthotics Can Improve Sports Performance

Feet not only support your entire body, they provide the balance and mobility required to perform most sports or athletic pursuits. Every sport has a unique set of skills required to reach the top, however all athletes rely on optimum body alignment, and that begins with your feet. At The Walking Clinic Canberra, we are often referred to as the best podiatrist in Canberra, and our highly skilled team helps both professional and amateur athletes improve their performance with custom orthotics. Let’s take a look at what orthotics are and a few of the benefits they can provide to athletes at all levels.

What Are Orthotics?

They are special inserts you can slip right into your shoes. Their aim is to correct issues not addressed by shoes, such as pain and structural imbalances or other conditions of the feet, ankles and lower body. Depending on your needs, orthotic inserts can cover your heel, the front of the foot, or your entire foot. Although you will find generic orthotics over the counter at a pharmacy, you’ll get the greatest benefit by investing in custom orthotics which are made especially for your feet, ensuring the ideal fit to address your foot issues.

What Are the Performance Benefits?

Custom orthotics can enhance your sports performance and correct foot problems caused by frequent exercising. Specifically, they can:

Provide Support

Personalised orthotic inserts are unique biomechanical devices that are made to fit the contours of your feet. They provide excellent weight distribution and the optimal level of support needed during high-impact activity. 

Reduce Pain

Foot pain while exercising is often the result of subtle imbalances in the feet or the lower half of the body, and may also be from hammertoes, bunions, calluses and corns. Custom orthotics correct or relieve the problems that cause your pain, improving your performance by enabling you to play pain-free.

Help to Prevent and Heal Injuries

Exercising, training or competing can put your feet at risk of injury. Orthotics are especially beneficial in preventing injuries that occur from athletes who either over-pronate or under-pronate. They can also help with quicker recovery from an injury as they provide maximum foot and ankle support which can help an athlete get back in the game faster.

Minimize Fatigue

Many sports require running of long distances, and lots of running can cause fatigue to set in, resulting in added stress on the joints and muscles in the feet and legs. Lack of stability in the ankles and imbalances in the feet are two of the biggest causes of fatigue while running. Custom orthotics help to maintain alignment throughout an entire running session, resulting in less fatigue and a more successful performance.

Once your feet are stable, the lower half of your body will feel stronger, enabling you to generate more power through your lower half as you perform.

How Do I Get Custom Orthotics?

To get started, make an appointment with the experts at The Walking Clinic for a comprehensive consultation. Our podiatrists will determine if custom orthotics are suitable for your specific needs and if they are, we will use innovative technology to make digital moulds of your feet. Your orthotics will then be custom made and ready to fit within just a couple of weeks. We always ensure your inserts will be comfortable, fit well, and meet your needs.

To learn more about getting custom orthotics for better athletic performance or other foot and ankle needs, make an appointment with us today. With 4 convenient locations across Canberra, if you are looking for the podiatrist Canberra knows and trusts, there’s no need to search any further. Book online now.