Tips On Finding The Right School Shoes

Children spend a lot of time in their school shoes, so it’s super important to find the right shoes that fit well and support them.

Here are some tips for finding the right fit for your little ones.

👟 Visit a reputable shoe store that offers sizing checks (such as the Athletes Foot);

👟 Purchase shoes that are appropriate in both length and width;

👟 A firm heel counter (that’s the elevated cushion at the back of the shoe);

👟 Ensure the shoes have good fastening capabilities (such as laces or velcro straps);

👟 Look for a midsole that bends at the toes, not in the middle of the shoe;

👟 Allow roughly 1cm of growing room between the end of their longest toe and the top end of the shoe.

Do your child’s feet need support ahead of the school year?

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