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Feel Free This Winter

Diabetes and Your Feet Have you wondered about the connection between diabetes and your feet?  In light of it being National Diabetes week (14th-20thJuly 2019) we thought it would be a good time to discuss that connection. Having diabetes may increase your risk of developing diabetes related-complications that include nerve damage called ‘peripheral neuropathy’ or poor circulation […]

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Why You Should See a Podiatrist

We can pretty them up with beautiful shoes and pedicures, but for the majority of Australians, the health of our feet only really gets our attention when something goes wrong and by that stage our whole body can suffer debilitating consequences. When it comes to podiatry many people are actually unaware of what a podiatrist […]

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Top Tips for Managing Bunions

Bunions are a very common foot problem amongst Australians, and while some people with bunions experience little or no symptoms, many people experience redness, swelling and excruciating pain – some bunions can even become so painful that putting on a shoe or walking can be difficult. Bunions tend to be genetic, and if you have […]

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What Conditions Do Podiatrists Treat?

We often forget about the importance of keeping our feet healthy, and given that on average we will walk around 128,000 km in our lifetime, foot problems have the ability to greatly impact our quality of life. So what should you do when you have an issue with your foot or ankle? See a podiatrist! […]

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Why Diabetics Should Visit a Podiatrist Regularly

In Australia, one person is diagnosed with diabetes every five minutes. As many as 15 percent of those people with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer at some point in their lives, and 6 percent of those will be hospitalized due to a related complication or infection. Of those 6 percent, many will have a condition which worsens to the point where a toe, foot or even leg may need to be amputated.