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Plantar fasciitis, heel pain or heel spurs affects more than 10% of the population and is something we see and treat on a daily basis.

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We’ll listen to you

Our team will learn about you, your habits and your goals to implement the best management plan for you.


We’ll have a look at what’s happening

This is fundamental to us finding out the cause of your concern. Our team will undertake a mechanical and functional assessment to formulate an individual, tailored, treatment plan for you, your circumstances and your goals.


Treatment and next steps

Our podiatrists will take you through various tailored options from:

  • Strapping and offloading
  • Imaging referral, if required
  • Exercise prescription
  • Load management programs
  • Footwear modifications and prescription
  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy
  • Prefabricated (off the shelf) orthotics
  • Custom prescription orthotics
  • Moon boot and offloading
  • Multi-disciplinary approach, working with in-house physiotherapy and exercise physiologists
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