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At The Walking Clinic Woden, our focus is on delivering exceptional podiatric care with kindness and dignity. Whether your problem is relatively minor or very serious, our podiatrists will aim to diagnose your condition and initiate treatment during your first visit.

Our podiatrists are healthcare professionals who specialise in the management and treatment of any aches, pains or problems with the feet, ankles or lower limbs.

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How we can help

At The Walking Clinic Woden, our podiatrist team can help you with:


General Foot Care and Health

This includes nail trimming, corn removal and callus debridement.


Diabetes assessments

Such as Doppler Investigations, Nerve Response assessments, Blood Flow tests and checking for Complication Indicators.


Sports podiatry and injury prevention
or rehabilitation


Biomechanical and gait assessments


Custom Orthotic Therapy

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Who are we


Treated more than 95,000 Canberrans


Canberra owned and based for more than 40 years


Canberra’s largest team


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Supporting the community

Support and trusted by Tennis ACT, Athletics ACT, Touch football ACT, Federal Golf Club, Yowani Golf Club, Ainslie FC, Diabetes ACT NSW.

Our history

The Walking Clinic and The Foot Clinic have been synonymous with excellence in foot care in the ACT and surrounds.

The Foot Clinic was opened by Paul Fleet in Woden in 1990, he worked alongside his wife June as practice manager. Paul utilised his knowledge in biomechanics to build a practice centred around gait/biomechanics-based practice.

With similar practices and vision, The Foot Clinic and The Walking Clinic merged in 2017 and the dedicated team have continued to practice under The Walking Clinic banner.

Paul Fleet retired in 2017 and the team has since expanded offering the latest technology in treatment options while retaining the vision and quality offered to the Southside of Canberra.